Pollos a la Brasa Don Alex
(Peruvian Cuisine in Rego Park)

don alex chicken fried rice

Dining out at various restaurants is one of my favorite aspects of "outside dates" with my husband Reggie. Sometimes we go to fancy places. Other times, it's Reggie's turn to choose :-). In reality, we both care more about the food quality than the atmosphere as long as the spot is clean. Recently, Reggie took me to lunch at a local Peruvian place, Pollos a la Brasa Don Alex (Rego Park). The decor Continue Reading

Fifth Grade Graduation – The Climb

the three amigos

My husband Reggie and I attended Michael's fifth grade graduation last Friday. I thought that I would cry, but I did not. In fact, I'm kind of relieved. Although he is ending one chapter and starting another, I'm kind of ready for this chapter to be over. The last couple of years has been a bit challenging. While the education that Michael has received has been outstanding, I have questioned our Continue Reading

My CookUnity NYC Experience
(Plus Special Code Good for 2 Free Meals!)


Sometimes, I am reminded of how convenient it was to live in Manhattan. CookUnity, a new food delivery service, is a perfect example of the things that I miss. Created for busy parents, CookUnity has real NYC chefs prepare homemade meals with farm-fresh ingredients that are delivered to your (Manhattan) home. On top of that, the meals are actually really affordable - comparable to ordering (not as Continue Reading

Inside Out Movie Review
(The Unintentional Arrogance of Joy)

inside out movie

Last week, my family attended an advance media screening of the Inside Out movie. The movie opens in theaters today (June 19th). Friends have been asking me if they should take their kids to see it. My answer is, "It depends..." Before I go all deep in my analysis of the film, I want to share the opinions of my husband and sons. Reggie (adult): I don't think that the movie is suitable for Continue Reading

Business Decision Makers Can Earn Rewards with ProOpinion

pro opinion

I don't know about your family, but the summer is one of the most expensive times of the year for my family. There are several expenses that I have placed in the family budget (a cruise with my mom, a couple of amusement park trips with Reggie and the boys, a week of camp for Michael, new beds and bedding for the boys, etc.) as I planned for the summer. I need to ask my boss for a summer raise. Continue Reading