Cute and Easy Easter Nail Art

easter nail art

Easter brings up fond memories for me. As a little girl raised in the south, it was a fun and festive time. My sisters and I would get new, pastel dresses along with our Easter baskets and other celebrations. That is why I like the pastel Easter egg Nail Art "How-To" that Jin Soon Choi (founder of the JINsoon Nail Lacquer line and Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spas in NYC) sent over. It seems pretty easy to do, so try it out if you are into nail art. … [Read more...]

Indoor Extreme Sports
(Extreme Parental Hypocrisy)

indoor extreme sports long island city

I really try not to be a hypocrite in any area of my life. However, after hosting Michael’s birthday party at Indoor Extreme Sports, I noticed that I’m in the midst of a parenting hypocrisy dilemma! When Michael asked to have his 10th birthday party at Indoor Extreme Sports, a really great laser tag place in Long Island City, I didn’t think twice about it. It’s affordable, easy for people to get to by public transportation and they take care of … [Read more...]

8 Natural Sore Throat Remedies
(I tried #1, #3 and #4.)

natural sore throat remedies

On Monday, I was scheduled to be interviewed for one of my favorite business podcasts, Entrepreneur on Fire. (The episode will go live in April, so I will tell you more about it then.) The only problem was that I woke up coughing and sounding like Kermit the Frog due to lovely mixture of allergies, cold and bronchitis. With a few hours to spare, I reached out to my friends on Facebook for natural sore throat remedy suggestions. Thankfully, they … [Read more...]

The Wonderful Wizards of Oz: Part II

Moving companies nyc prices

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we moved last month. When it was time to hire movers, I wanted to use Oz Moving & Storage because I had such a great experience with them when we moved almost 5 years ago. My husband and I had heard great things about a competitor though so we had both companies come into our home to provide moving quotes. Both moving companies were great but we ended up going with Oz. I was happy that their moving quote was … [Read more...]

Universal Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten in NYC: A Tale of Two Trains

nyc pre-k parent blogger roundtable

Last Friday I attended a roundtable discussion with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, First Lady Charlayne Machray and several different parent blogger colleagues at City Hall. The discussion was primarily focused on universal full day pre-k in NYC. While the press has made this event out to be a time when the mayor was speaking to a group of parents who already approved of his plans, that is simply not true. Just like with any other gathering … [Read more...]